Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby Blues first Christmas!!

McHottie and I have had a great week, there is nothing like having days and days off to spend together. I am definitely getting spoiled having him home all day. Baby Blue loves having his dada home all the time, he knows he can go in our room in the morning and its play time!

Christmas was tons of fun, lots of presents, family time, movies and playing with our cuddly baby. Its insane how fast he is growing and developing. He took 4 consecutive steps Christmas eve and now gives big slobbery kisses. Hes trying very hard to climb on things but I think his little round belly gets in the way of his mobility.

There were just awesome presents all around but I have to say that McHotties took the cake, I started screaming when I opened my KATHY VAN ZEELAND PURSE!!!!!!!!! Pics to come later when I'm not in my lazy-around-the-house clothes.

I also got a call from my little sister, they're engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy and excited for them!! Her ring is gorgeous and the date is set for the first weekend in March. She has her dress already and now I have to get crackin' on finding mine. So very happy for them!! Love you Skits!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

One year ago......

We got sleep at night and didn't have bags (steamer trucks to be precise) under our eyes...

Traveling to visit family didn't require intensive planning and a uhaul....

When being big was actually fun.......

We could go places and not worry about someone eating sand......

But we wernt a complete family yet.........

We needed our Baby Blue!!!

Turkey Day!!

I'm thankful for everything God has given me! I have my Hottie who loves me for who I am, a beautiful baby who thinks I'm the greatest thing on earth (except for whatever it is that is obviously more interesting over my shoulder.) I have a gorgeous home, healthy family, the greatest friends and most of all a God who has blessed me so much.
I'm so thankful that my son survived a tumble down some of our stairs and that his angels were working overtime, so that he not just survived but he came away with the littlest pink bump on his head.
Also (this on is my shallow one :) I'm thankful that I'm finally fitting into my pre- pregnancy fat pants. I have a huge stack of pants that fit me before I was pregnant, one of those is my fat pants and two days ago I put them on and THEY FIT. That in and of itself is just plain amazing. I never thought I would see the day that I could wear pre-pregnancy jeans but it happened and YAY!!! When they say 9 months to go back to your body they are right! Who ever "they" are. Now just to get rid of that lovely extra padding I have in the back... Stay tuned for the day I can wear my pre-pregnancy regular jeans and breathe at the same time!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hooked on Crafts

Yesterday Baby Blue and did a little gardening and it was so beautiful outside it kind of went to my head and I went a little nuts and started fall cleaning Baby Blues room. Going thru all his clothes was kind of rough. I was trying not to cry and was laughing at his silliness at the same time. Apparently when mom is pulling out stuff and making a mess then its MESS TIME. I would stack his folded clothes in the rubber maid and he was pulled up on it flinging them out.

The toy sorting got even messier.
I forgot about taking a pic till I had gotten the piles mostly out of there.

Oh and I totally forgot to take a picture of Baby Blues first mouth full of dirt. He made a hilarious face and tried another bite. hahhaha I love my boy :D

Baby Blue made an amazing discovery of cabinets. I had been waiting for this and had already moved all the sharp or things that could be bad to out of reach places and made him a drawer of stuff he could play with. Though he really doesnt have any interest in the things anymore its more that he looooooooves opening and slamming the drawers and cabinets.

Even though Baby Blue still isn't an great sleeper and wakes up a few times a night evenings are when I can have uninterrupted time to make things. I tired playing with crafts during hte day but my son thinks hes a goat and everything he finds goes in his mouth. Even the tiniest scrap of paper. So when he goes down I make coffee and start playing! Lately my new obsession is..... Christmas stockings!

I used trusty ol' google to find some ideas and then I got a big stack of newspaper and sharpies and started drawing. It took about 6-7 drawings of each before I was happy with them.

I couldn't decide if I was going to add buttons to Baby Blues but a friend of mine is totally right and buttons would make his more child-like. I'm considering getting large multi sized purple sequins and sewing a few onto Mchotties so it has a polka dot appearance. Mine already has the bead trim and I think that finished that one off pretty nicely.

I'm going to make some for Skittles for Christmas (dont worry she reads this blog but she already knows) and after that Id kind of like to make them to sell but it would only be worth it if I could get $25 each. What do yall think? I hate listing things on Ebay and I cant imaigne Etsy would be any less hassel. Im more of a buyer... LOL

Off to take care of my Baby Blue!!

P.S Arnt they just the cutest?? I love my guys!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2 weeks late...

...but here he is!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Breaking, Tooth #5 is on its way.

A few months ago Holy Mama! sent me her first published book, A Love for Larkspur. I wanted to let y'all know I LOVED IT. You know those books you marathon read because your hooked? This one is one of those books. Funny, sweet, and very relateable. Here is the interview she did on A Love for Larkspur . And HERE is the book itself on Amazon. I'm going to recommend this to anyone on your Christmas list who loves a great book. So go buy now so its there in time to give! And nooo she didn't ask me to do this, I did it of my own accord because I thought y'all would enjoy it. Well that and I want her to write another.

So Baby Blue is kind of being an overachiever and is working on his 5th and possibly 6th tooth this month. I'm really ready for the teeth to just give us both a break.

Well I'm off to clean for our little Halloween party tonight, Ill post pics of the kids and their costumes and of course Baby Blue will be making his debut as a freaking cute baby giraffe.

Monday, October 27, 2008

There was ice on my roof ya'll

I have never really been big on decorating for any of the seasons. I always did something but it never was anything I put alot of time or effort into. Aunt Beenie told me about Micheal 60% off fall sale and since I was coming down with SOMETHING and Baby Blue and I needed to get out of the house and go somewhere warm for quality time, I decided that we should go look around. Well first we stopped and I got a cafe mocha, the biggest one I could buy because I figured since I was dragging I NEEDED IT. First off don't ever shop at Micheal's while drinking that much caffeine and sugar. It will land you an entire cart full of crafts and get you totally hooked on decorating. I already have some great ideas for Christmas!

Decorating really put me in the mood to finish up our pumpkin family, Aunt Beenie and I had already done dots on Baby Blues and I spent a long night watching Greys Anatomy and painting stars on mine. Baby Blue did Boris' and we sacrificed a onsie to the craft paint gods.

Our Pumpkin family needed some personality before we put them outside.

Baby Blue thought posing for some fall pictures before we gutted the big guy was just way to funny.

I drew the face and McHottie did the manly work and cut it up and gutted it.

He did some awesome carving work and even cut a vent whole for the candle smoke.

Baby Blue always wants to do whatever we are doing and be right there with us. Especially when his Dada is doing something.

I thought the pumpkins really fit us well!!
I went out and bought another pumpkin for Boris because he loves to be right where we are and gets included in everything. That and hes Baby Blues buddy and where one goes the other goes.

That's all folks, bedtime for the baby!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Racoons, bless their little hearts.

Ive always heard the saying bless their little hearts in the same sentence as something that could be considered... really pretty harsh. I figure if I bless their hearts I can go hunt them down and after I'm done with those suckers they will be a nice little rug in front of my fireplace.

So my lovey night started actually REALLY nice. My sister in law was so sweet and watched Baby Blue all afternoon and I got in a nice long nap. Mchottie came home and has the same cold I do, only its worse, its a man cold. Nooooo not the dreaded man cold. On my way out the door to pick up my baby he asks me if I could bring back St Louis Bread Company soup for dinner. Since that sounded really good to me I decided on my way back from picking up Baby Blue and before church I would swing by the house with his dinner. Baby Blue had other plans. He was so worn out he decided it was dinner time and bed time. When we finally got back to the house I was feeling lazy and thought Baby Blue could just have a liquid dinner instead of sitting him in the highchair and trying to feed him when he was tired. Baby Blue doesnt eat really well when hes tired so I didn't want to exert that much effort for a small jar of baby food. A small jar of baby food isn't REALLY necessary is it? Nahhhhh. So after a quick bath and a huge Hugo size bottle Baby Blue was OUT. So was McHottie. It was to late to go so no church for me Ill just settle in and watch my shows.
2 hours later Baby Blue wakes up and he is super pissed. Wait. Those are bottle cries. hmmmmmm Ok This is where I should have stuck him in his highchair and gotten some sweet potato's down him. Nahhhh Then Ill miss Stylista and that is looking really good. I was pretty sure boobies girl was gonna make a huge scene about covering up her big boobies and snob girl was gonna get attacked by anyone in the house. So I made another bottle and we cuddled up on the couch for the kind of lame ending. We both went to bed and it felt like as soon as I had fallen asleep there were more bottle cries. Angrier this time. wow. I need to hire a nighttime nanny. One bottle and 20 min later I was in bed for the rest of the night. Or not. Do I even need to tell you what happened at 4 am. Same story, differant time, tireder mama. I went back to bed telling McHottie that if I ever decided to skip that tiny jar of baby food again remind me how good sleep feels.
His alarm went off at 6 : 30 and I really did lay there and think about not getting up. It sounded so good. But since he was sick the night before and I was lazy no one took the trash to the curb. So if I wanted the diapers out of my house I had to get up. I packed his lunch and breakfast and was hauling the trash downstairs as he was leaving the front door. We were yelling our goodbyes and I love yous across the house. Well he was, I was squeaking them. Sometime in the middle of the night my cold settled into my chest and If I raise my voice above a whisper I sound like a prepubescent boy. I could hear him pulling out of the driveway as the garage door opened. Im standing there with a diaper pail in one hand and the kitchen trash in the other and the driveway is covered and I mean COVERED in a weeks worth of trash. Mchottie put the cans outside the garage and since they had really tight snap lids on them we figured it would be fine so there was more room in the garage for me to pull the car in easier. Im not the greatest at pulling into the garage. These apparently were ninja raccoons. That or the smell of old popcorn bags were like crack to them and gave them powers. Who knows. I was yelling very bad words and loosing it outside, ok maybe not yelling. I sounded allot more like a marine mouseketeer then anything. Did I mention its really, really, REALLY cold outside? I'm not going to tell you the details of the trash but by the time I hauled all the full cans to the top of the driveway I had trash under my fingernails. Gross, icky, week old trash. I called McHottie after washing my hands 3 times and he said he didn't see the mess when he left or he would have helped me. Now we know not to leave the trash outside the garage. Or to eat coleslaw ever again. either one.
Its 7 :30 and I'm going to go make some sickeningly rich hot chocolate for breakfast and take a steam shower in hopes my voice comes back while I try to figure out how to go get groceries without leaving the house.

Oh and if I ever see a raccoon again its ON.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yay, its Fall!!

Anyone who knows me knows it takes me forever to upload and send pictures, so if anyone is expecting me to post daily... I wish I could say I will but most likely there will some long stretches between posts. I'm not that motivated to do these sorts of things and when your 7 month olds favorite thing to do is eat your computer and press every button he can read (hey mama does it!) makes posting take forever and then I'm not going to even get started on all the emails and blogs or pages he hits escape. Do you know the one key he hits the most is escape??
Baby Blue had been strangly clingy and acting off for several days and I figure it was just a mild reaction to his shots and was just happy thats all that he had this time. Well last night it just got bad. Both McHottie and I were at our whits end when I stuck my finger in his mouth to feel his gums to see if it was teething. THERE WAS A TOOTH. Well sort of. I felt a bump and he seemed to just melt when I rubbed his gum so I was and realized I had rubbed it thru and that sucker was sharp. Today he has been sticking his tongue on it and looks like a crazy puppy but hes happy again. He didnt cry a single time at Eckerts! Which was kind of a miracle since he skipped his long afternoon nap.

All week I have been planning on going to Eckerts farm to have funnel cake, pick pumpkins, go on a hayride, and just have some family time with my guys.

We had a blast!! McHotties first order of business ( after I watched the animals in the petting farm) was FOOD. So I got my funnel cake right away. Or at least the half he left me :) I wanted to make a scarecrow but those suckers were 18 dollars for the biggest scarecrow I have ever seen. Seriously those things were huge. I wanted a small one I could put on a stake and stick in my flower buckets. There were tons of people in line for the hayride to pick apples but we were more into picking pumpkins, thankfully that was a short line.

Nobody really seemed into picking pumpkins. Mchottie had a blast finding a huge pumpkin for himself and a "sexy" pumpkin for me. Hes version of sexy was that it didn't have growths, dents, or discoloring under dirt. I got the cutest little pumpkin for Baby Blue. Tomorrow we are going to decorate them. I want spooky stars, Baby Blues is going to have polka dots, and McHottie gets to cute his up into a scary jack o lantern. Its weird how excited I am about this but we are hoping to have a yearly tradition of getting our pumpkins this way. Next year we want to get bigger pumpkins but since I was carrying Baby Blue and the diaper bag he was the one carrying all of them. Now to convince him we need to go back in December for our Christmas tree!!

I have some picks from Baby Blues 7 month photo shoot and its getting tougher every time to get him to sit for a picture. The only time he is still is for sleep and food.

I thought Id throw in a adorable picture of the cousins, Brown Bear is so sweet with his Baby Blue!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shes always staring at me......

So today when Baby blue and I were walking around our town square I decided to take a detour thru the dollar store to get vinegar for my nasty tasting coffee pot (right now the coffee comes out tasting like feet. feet and creamer are a bad combination. trust me on this) We were in the middle of picking out a ball, Baby Blue was choosing between curious george and spiderman when it sounded like the speaker system got turned up REALLY loud. When all it was, was a man belting out she thinks my tractors sexy. loudly. kenny twang and all. He left somewhere around farmers tan. It was the most amazing random moment I have ever witnessed.

Yesterday we were almost all ready for church when Boris came upstairs really damp and very pissed. We figured he had sat in the drain in the basement that he is so fascinated by. My husband is really a big help when it comes to trying to get me out the door on time. So he went downstairs to get everything ready for Baby Blue when he saw water covering half our basement floor. The half that has all the boxes we had decided didn't need to be gone thru yet, the same half that has all the speakers and computer. The miracle is even though everything had water on it nothing got damaged. Its strange, all the boxes had water marks up the side a good inch or two, the speakers were sitting in water and the computer wires (not the plugs) were all in water. Yet no damage!! The only damage done is to my arm muscles from filling and hauling our brand~spanking new rubbermaid tubs. Our basement is now squeaky (Hi Cole!) clean and smells a little like the sealant that SHOULD keep this from happening ever again.

I didnt have the presense of mind to take pictures becuase I was to busy trying to save the boxes of them from my childhood. So Im going to leave you a pic from Baby Blues six month photo shoot

Thats a nice camera you have there mama.

Ooo, look daddys here to rescue me!!!

Or Not. Can we be done now?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do you need to puke? I do!

If any of yall have ever read in a car you will know EXACTLY how I am feeling right now and have felt off and on for a week. Its the most nasty, dizzy ,nausteous, headache feeling ever. I thought perhaps it was from low blood sugar but I'm in the middle of a nasty bout of it and I just had a little debbie to see if it would fix it! uh no. I have tried everything and still am getting them. I think its time to see a Doctor. poop on a stick.
My mother in law suggested a inner ear problem which would make alot of sense but since Im still breastfeeding I want to make sure before I take medicine. Im worried I'm going to get dizzy on the stairs while carrying Shane and fall.
excuse me while I go puke.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Easy Peasy

In a little over two weeks my son and I will be traveling to Texas, we will be there visiting family and friends for four and a half days. I am soooooo very excited!!
I have never traveled with a baby let alone by myself with a baby. I am already trying to figure out what I will need to bring with me. I just know I'm going to forget something all important, like say no binky on the plane? As a mom I have lots of -AGH!!- moments now. Fortunately Baby Blue is a very very happy baby and all he has to do is give me one of his big smiles and I can calm right down. I love being his mama!!

On a side note Baby Blue is now onto bunny hopping crawls and pulling up on things. Hes not cruising yet but its just a matter of time. Hes getting alot better about not smacking his head on our hardwood floors. If he takes after me takes after me at all he will be doomed to a life of just plain clumsy moments. Anyone that has ever been shopping with me knows taking me into a Claire's has always been a bad idea. In one move I can take out an entire rack of earrings. Oh and these stores? NOT stroller friendly. Give a clumsy mom a stroller and she can do as much damage as a toddler.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

wordless wednesday

Monday, August 25, 2008

Vote for Shane!!

OK so I entered my cute son in a baby contest and the win is determined by the voters! So go here and vote for him! Hes under Shane B . one vote per person and you have to confirm it with a email link they send to make sure your really a person :) Please vote!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to increase blog hits.

(written by a guest blogger)
This is a post dedicated to all of you bloggers who have a lame blog. To all you people, who get 5 hits a month. (Which really isn’t 5 other people, it’s actually only your mom, occasionally checking up to make sure you didn’t write anything that might poison the family.) So I am going to try to expound off of all my great and wonderful mighty knowledge, to give you a couple helpful things to do to your blog, so you will then in turn also have thousands of daily readers (as I myself do).

1. Photos
If you happen to be as handsome as I am, you should put up your own photograph on the Blog. I suggest you take the picture from the best angle possible….... Not from where your huge nose, sharpie eyebrows, makeup that has been sprayed on with a can of lacquar...... However, if you cannot possibly take a photo from an angle that makes you look..You could purse your lips in hopes to destract from your not-so-hot apperance and make a horrible attempt and being suductive. OR take a pic of your child doing something really stupid.... People thrive off of photos on blogs. It makes you that much more stalk-able.

2. Comment on Other Sites
I would say go ahead, and comment all you can, on every blog you can. It really doesn’t matter if you know the person or not. It actually helps if you don’t because then they are that much more curious as to who this random “DoGlUvEr” user is that keeps leaving comments on their post dedicated to all their BFF’s! However, initially that trick of leaving posts everywhere did not work for me…and nobody came to my Blog..... So the more I thought about it, the more I understood a surefire method to boost traffic… Just start leaving messages like “You are a sucker!”, “Hey…dirt bag…care to chase me?”, “Idiot…how about being decent in your posts?”. As you can only imagine….now many come and visit my blog.

3. Post about your Child......
This one really hits the spot. The average mom out there knows her kid on a daily basis acts like a hell fired little demon. So moms looks to other moms to reassure them their child is not out of the norm.... “Is it normal for my kid to lay on the floor, in colvulsions, and scream how their sandwich didn't have enough grape jelly...... Or hyperventilate about how they wanted to wear the blue pair of underwear. Or maybe even threaten not to breathe if you don’t give them their soda.” I can guarantee you, moms LOVE to hear how horrible your kid is. About their latest green crayon filled BM. Or the weirdest thing your kid has tried to eat.... It brings them a wonderful and calming sense of normality. That JUST MAYBE their kid is not so weird... because there is someone out there just a little weirder.

4. Make your site look orange
Change your website’s look and feel to Orange…It's the color of life. Now you know why when it is sunrise…the sky is orange. It is the only color that comes from a fruit…Orange. There is no fruit called red, yellow, green, purple, or black…so naturally… none of these colors come from a fruit. Once you make your site orange, all those people who are in the pink of their health will come to your site......

5. Coupons
If there is one thing that will attract hits, it is posts about coupons. People who do coupons, DO coupons. It becomes their life. They spend every moment online trying to find the latest and best deal. Whether it be a printable coupon, a location to go get the coupon from, something on sale, a promotion for a free product, or even a free sample. For instance, a diaper sample.... How is that seriously going to help me any. It’s ONE DIAPER. No, they do not send you a whole box. Nor do they send you even 4-6. They send you ONE. It will last you maybe 2 hours depending on how much your child has drank. You still have to go and buy a box. So then, they search furiously search everywhere online, on blogs, websites, advertisements, etc… for a coupon for the diapers.

6. Stories of your Courtship or Betrothal
If you can’t think of anything interesting to post of, you can always post the story of you and your husband’s “courtship”. Everyone thrives off of these stories. Some for much different reasons then others. There are those people who believe just like you and think that is the most touching, romantic, blessed story they have ever laid their bulging eyes upon. They love hearing not how you fell in love with your man, but how you observed him at what moment you KNEW he would make a wonderful husband…. Then there are those people reading your story, and laughing. Wondering how you can say that you hated the guy, did NOT want to marry him, and then all the sudden decided he would make a good husband because he loves God. Don’t get me wrong, loving God is important…very very important…….. but that is not all there is to a marriage and relationship. There are also the people reading the story and empathizing with you. They realize that your parents are crazy, and insist that if you were left alone for 5 minutes in the hallway, you might just break it all down and give it up right there. Therefore post your story…. And if it’s not really that great of a story, then edit it a little, throw in how you never held hands till marriage…. So everyone can pause for a second and wonder how awkward your wedding night was.

7. The Do-Nots of Blogging
Here is a tip on what NOT to do. Whatever is going on in your life, however boring or interesting it may be… do NOT post your daily schedule. No one really cares to hear you recite off every move you made during the day. “I got up this morning at 9:43. I walked to the bathroom and proceeded to pee for ten minutes. After that, I took longer than anyone can every imagine getting ready, trying to make myself as beautiful as possible. I got in the car, started it, and backed out my driveway. On my way to the supermarket to get Eggs, Milk, Frozen Pizza, Bread, Ketchup, Hotdogs… I realized that I had forgotten to eat. So I decided to stop at the first fast food I came to, which happened to be a McDonald’s. I ate 5 chicken nuggets, 34 French fries, and 7/16th of my shake…………” Ok. do you get the point. It is PAINFUL. It is a instant way to either 1. Get a butt load of stalkers, or 2. Have people say “wow this lady is psycho.” And exit your page………………

I hope no one takes offense to my post…. But hey, you made a hit on page and that is really all I care about…. So I thank you all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

eat your squash.

Baby Blue seems to have come down with the snots n' sneezes, poor guy. Along with trying to break two teeth thru. Between both of those he's become super clingy and sleepy (with a tiny bit of CRANK thrown in). So far today he has taken 3 naps, 2 of them were at least 2 hours long. I totally took advantage of not having to race around to get a ton accomplished during his usual 45 min nap. I got to mop the house and then mop the dining room twice. I've been on the hunt for a good wood floor cleaner and so far all I have liked is vinegar and water. Go figure. The pledge wood floor cleaner I tried in the dining room left a nasty residue that I had to re mop off. I miss my swiffer. OoooOooh the smell of swiffer.

After Baby Blue got up we made some acorn squash baby food and he LOVED IT! The blender makes him cry so naturally he needs to wear his daddys shooting ear things.

If you have ever seen him cry you will understand why I make him wear these. He has the most heartbreaking cry with lip quiver to top it off.

Obviously my son thinks Im a wonderful cook.

We also finally finished hanging the curtains in his room,
both Blue and Boris were fascinated by the drill. I dont see why I buy toys when the simplest things keep him occupied for so long. Who needs toys when there is a magazine to eat?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now all I need is music!

So thanks to the help of my big sister (hi cole!) I now have a blog title. whew.