Thursday, August 21, 2008

eat your squash.

Baby Blue seems to have come down with the snots n' sneezes, poor guy. Along with trying to break two teeth thru. Between both of those he's become super clingy and sleepy (with a tiny bit of CRANK thrown in). So far today he has taken 3 naps, 2 of them were at least 2 hours long. I totally took advantage of not having to race around to get a ton accomplished during his usual 45 min nap. I got to mop the house and then mop the dining room twice. I've been on the hunt for a good wood floor cleaner and so far all I have liked is vinegar and water. Go figure. The pledge wood floor cleaner I tried in the dining room left a nasty residue that I had to re mop off. I miss my swiffer. OoooOooh the smell of swiffer.

After Baby Blue got up we made some acorn squash baby food and he LOVED IT! The blender makes him cry so naturally he needs to wear his daddys shooting ear things.

If you have ever seen him cry you will understand why I make him wear these. He has the most heartbreaking cry with lip quiver to top it off.

Obviously my son thinks Im a wonderful cook.

We also finally finished hanging the curtains in his room,
both Blue and Boris were fascinated by the drill. I dont see why I buy toys when the simplest things keep him occupied for so long. Who needs toys when there is a magazine to eat?


rkamin said...

What you fail to realize, is that cry is not from the noise of the blender....

The thought going thru is head is more along the lines of.

"OH dear God, please give me strength. Mom's trying to make food again..... why can't i just have gerberfood like normal babies? Please let the blender break and I will sacrifice breastmilk for a whole 3 hours!"

Bethany said...

Is "shooting ear things" a techinical term? lol That pic is freakin hilarious and even John laughed at it!