Monday, September 15, 2008

Shes always staring at me......

So today when Baby blue and I were walking around our town square I decided to take a detour thru the dollar store to get vinegar for my nasty tasting coffee pot (right now the coffee comes out tasting like feet. feet and creamer are a bad combination. trust me on this) We were in the middle of picking out a ball, Baby Blue was choosing between curious george and spiderman when it sounded like the speaker system got turned up REALLY loud. When all it was, was a man belting out she thinks my tractors sexy. loudly. kenny twang and all. He left somewhere around farmers tan. It was the most amazing random moment I have ever witnessed.

Yesterday we were almost all ready for church when Boris came upstairs really damp and very pissed. We figured he had sat in the drain in the basement that he is so fascinated by. My husband is really a big help when it comes to trying to get me out the door on time. So he went downstairs to get everything ready for Baby Blue when he saw water covering half our basement floor. The half that has all the boxes we had decided didn't need to be gone thru yet, the same half that has all the speakers and computer. The miracle is even though everything had water on it nothing got damaged. Its strange, all the boxes had water marks up the side a good inch or two, the speakers were sitting in water and the computer wires (not the plugs) were all in water. Yet no damage!! The only damage done is to my arm muscles from filling and hauling our brand~spanking new rubbermaid tubs. Our basement is now squeaky (Hi Cole!) clean and smells a little like the sealant that SHOULD keep this from happening ever again.

I didnt have the presense of mind to take pictures becuase I was to busy trying to save the boxes of them from my childhood. So Im going to leave you a pic from Baby Blues six month photo shoot

Thats a nice camera you have there mama.

Ooo, look daddys here to rescue me!!!

Or Not. Can we be done now?


Shaunna said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment!!

Your little boy is so cute!!

I love the name of your blog- So ture!!!

Yay for blog stalkers uniting:)

Shaunna said...

*Ahem...I meant to say so "true" not so "ture" hehe:)

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

LOL stalking... who stalks anyone? LOL

Hey that last pic of sweets looks JUST LIKE SAMMY! :-)

Cant with to see you guys this weekend!! WOOTWOOOOOOO

heidibug79 said...

Hi Tasha! Your baby is adorable. I agree w/ Nicole about that pic looking like your little bro. What a cutie! Fun to read about you and your married life with a baby. Keep writing!