Friday, October 31, 2008

Breaking, Tooth #5 is on its way.

A few months ago Holy Mama! sent me her first published book, A Love for Larkspur. I wanted to let y'all know I LOVED IT. You know those books you marathon read because your hooked? This one is one of those books. Funny, sweet, and very relateable. Here is the interview she did on A Love for Larkspur . And HERE is the book itself on Amazon. I'm going to recommend this to anyone on your Christmas list who loves a great book. So go buy now so its there in time to give! And nooo she didn't ask me to do this, I did it of my own accord because I thought y'all would enjoy it. Well that and I want her to write another.

So Baby Blue is kind of being an overachiever and is working on his 5th and possibly 6th tooth this month. I'm really ready for the teeth to just give us both a break.

Well I'm off to clean for our little Halloween party tonight, Ill post pics of the kids and their costumes and of course Baby Blue will be making his debut as a freaking cute baby giraffe.


rebekah kamin said...

aww. poor baby.
give him lots of candy tonight.
it will make him feel better!