Monday, October 27, 2008

There was ice on my roof ya'll

I have never really been big on decorating for any of the seasons. I always did something but it never was anything I put alot of time or effort into. Aunt Beenie told me about Micheal 60% off fall sale and since I was coming down with SOMETHING and Baby Blue and I needed to get out of the house and go somewhere warm for quality time, I decided that we should go look around. Well first we stopped and I got a cafe mocha, the biggest one I could buy because I figured since I was dragging I NEEDED IT. First off don't ever shop at Micheal's while drinking that much caffeine and sugar. It will land you an entire cart full of crafts and get you totally hooked on decorating. I already have some great ideas for Christmas!

Decorating really put me in the mood to finish up our pumpkin family, Aunt Beenie and I had already done dots on Baby Blues and I spent a long night watching Greys Anatomy and painting stars on mine. Baby Blue did Boris' and we sacrificed a onsie to the craft paint gods.

Our Pumpkin family needed some personality before we put them outside.

Baby Blue thought posing for some fall pictures before we gutted the big guy was just way to funny.

I drew the face and McHottie did the manly work and cut it up and gutted it.

He did some awesome carving work and even cut a vent whole for the candle smoke.

Baby Blue always wants to do whatever we are doing and be right there with us. Especially when his Dada is doing something.

I thought the pumpkins really fit us well!!
I went out and bought another pumpkin for Boris because he loves to be right where we are and gets included in everything. That and hes Baby Blues buddy and where one goes the other goes.

That's all folks, bedtime for the baby!


Mrs. Nichole J. said...

I cant WAIT to decorate for Christmas for SURE! I'm gonna be pirched up on my roof getting some purty lights up! hehehe

Yah Yah!

rebekah kamin said...

that picture is definitely an "aww" moment.

rebekah kamin said...

OMG. gabe is bald.