Friday, October 10, 2008

Yay, its Fall!!

Anyone who knows me knows it takes me forever to upload and send pictures, so if anyone is expecting me to post daily... I wish I could say I will but most likely there will some long stretches between posts. I'm not that motivated to do these sorts of things and when your 7 month olds favorite thing to do is eat your computer and press every button he can read (hey mama does it!) makes posting take forever and then I'm not going to even get started on all the emails and blogs or pages he hits escape. Do you know the one key he hits the most is escape??
Baby Blue had been strangly clingy and acting off for several days and I figure it was just a mild reaction to his shots and was just happy thats all that he had this time. Well last night it just got bad. Both McHottie and I were at our whits end when I stuck my finger in his mouth to feel his gums to see if it was teething. THERE WAS A TOOTH. Well sort of. I felt a bump and he seemed to just melt when I rubbed his gum so I was and realized I had rubbed it thru and that sucker was sharp. Today he has been sticking his tongue on it and looks like a crazy puppy but hes happy again. He didnt cry a single time at Eckerts! Which was kind of a miracle since he skipped his long afternoon nap.

All week I have been planning on going to Eckerts farm to have funnel cake, pick pumpkins, go on a hayride, and just have some family time with my guys.

We had a blast!! McHotties first order of business ( after I watched the animals in the petting farm) was FOOD. So I got my funnel cake right away. Or at least the half he left me :) I wanted to make a scarecrow but those suckers were 18 dollars for the biggest scarecrow I have ever seen. Seriously those things were huge. I wanted a small one I could put on a stake and stick in my flower buckets. There were tons of people in line for the hayride to pick apples but we were more into picking pumpkins, thankfully that was a short line.

Nobody really seemed into picking pumpkins. Mchottie had a blast finding a huge pumpkin for himself and a "sexy" pumpkin for me. Hes version of sexy was that it didn't have growths, dents, or discoloring under dirt. I got the cutest little pumpkin for Baby Blue. Tomorrow we are going to decorate them. I want spooky stars, Baby Blues is going to have polka dots, and McHottie gets to cute his up into a scary jack o lantern. Its weird how excited I am about this but we are hoping to have a yearly tradition of getting our pumpkins this way. Next year we want to get bigger pumpkins but since I was carrying Baby Blue and the diaper bag he was the one carrying all of them. Now to convince him we need to go back in December for our Christmas tree!!

I have some picks from Baby Blues 7 month photo shoot and its getting tougher every time to get him to sit for a picture. The only time he is still is for sleep and food.

I thought Id throw in a adorable picture of the cousins, Brown Bear is so sweet with his Baby Blue!!!


Yellow Mama said...

You remind me that we need to take our little man on an outing such as you had with your little one. Sounds like fun. Last year, I found a website that had Larry Boy cut outs for pumpkins. They were absolutely hilarious. Have a great day.