Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hooked on Crafts

Yesterday Baby Blue and did a little gardening and it was so beautiful outside it kind of went to my head and I went a little nuts and started fall cleaning Baby Blues room. Going thru all his clothes was kind of rough. I was trying not to cry and was laughing at his silliness at the same time. Apparently when mom is pulling out stuff and making a mess then its MESS TIME. I would stack his folded clothes in the rubber maid and he was pulled up on it flinging them out.

The toy sorting got even messier.
I forgot about taking a pic till I had gotten the piles mostly out of there.

Oh and I totally forgot to take a picture of Baby Blues first mouth full of dirt. He made a hilarious face and tried another bite. hahhaha I love my boy :D

Baby Blue made an amazing discovery of cabinets. I had been waiting for this and had already moved all the sharp or things that could be bad to out of reach places and made him a drawer of stuff he could play with. Though he really doesnt have any interest in the things anymore its more that he looooooooves opening and slamming the drawers and cabinets.

Even though Baby Blue still isn't an great sleeper and wakes up a few times a night evenings are when I can have uninterrupted time to make things. I tired playing with crafts during hte day but my son thinks hes a goat and everything he finds goes in his mouth. Even the tiniest scrap of paper. So when he goes down I make coffee and start playing! Lately my new obsession is..... Christmas stockings!

I used trusty ol' google to find some ideas and then I got a big stack of newspaper and sharpies and started drawing. It took about 6-7 drawings of each before I was happy with them.

I couldn't decide if I was going to add buttons to Baby Blues but a friend of mine is totally right and buttons would make his more child-like. I'm considering getting large multi sized purple sequins and sewing a few onto Mchotties so it has a polka dot appearance. Mine already has the bead trim and I think that finished that one off pretty nicely.

I'm going to make some for Skittles for Christmas (dont worry she reads this blog but she already knows) and after that Id kind of like to make them to sell but it would only be worth it if I could get $25 each. What do yall think? I hate listing things on Ebay and I cant imaigne Etsy would be any less hassel. Im more of a buyer... LOL

Off to take care of my Baby Blue!!

P.S Arnt they just the cutest?? I love my guys!


rebekah kamin said...

WHAT! Christmas present?!?!?1 YAAAAAAY!

send them soon. we are decking the house out after thanksgiving, to make it a tradition.

Mrs. Nichole J. said...

Very cute! They turned out good!!!

You should sell them! And etsy is WAY better than Ebay and way cheaper lol! That and you can havea listing up for 3 months for 10cents I think it is! and a % when something sells... Its cool!

Heidi said...

Hey there Tasha...loved the pics! I gotta tell you, boys are way easier before there's more than one...think tag team. Your baby is absolutely ADORABLE. I enjoyed your posts...keep them coming! Oh, VERY cute stockings!