Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby Blues first Christmas!!

McHottie and I have had a great week, there is nothing like having days and days off to spend together. I am definitely getting spoiled having him home all day. Baby Blue loves having his dada home all the time, he knows he can go in our room in the morning and its play time!

Christmas was tons of fun, lots of presents, family time, movies and playing with our cuddly baby. Its insane how fast he is growing and developing. He took 4 consecutive steps Christmas eve and now gives big slobbery kisses. Hes trying very hard to climb on things but I think his little round belly gets in the way of his mobility.

There were just awesome presents all around but I have to say that McHotties took the cake, I started screaming when I opened my KATHY VAN ZEELAND PURSE!!!!!!!!! Pics to come later when I'm not in my lazy-around-the-house clothes.

I also got a call from my little sister, they're engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy and excited for them!! Her ring is gorgeous and the date is set for the first weekend in March. She has her dress already and now I have to get crackin' on finding mine. So very happy for them!! Love you Skits!