Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did you know your old and toxic?? Tea to the Rescue

For you hot chocolate drinkers out there I found an amazing alternative to that high sugar beverage. A friend of mine goes into Teavanna every time we go to this one mall together and at first I turned my nose up at it. Its a very strange store with all sorts of funky mystical tea and scent things for sale. Because of course hot tea drinkers are, you know, odd. So you go into this super odd store that has the entire back wall of big canisters full of loose tea that looks like decaying potpourri and of course hip people work there and want to sell you all sorts of teas that are suppose to cleanse, detox, relax, and rejuvenate you. .. Really? They can do all that? I'm pretty wary when something is said to detox you. What exactly have I been eating that has toxins in it? Is that can of chicken noodle soup I just split with my son TOXIFIYING US? Are we going to die from all those toxins? Also how exactly does it detox me. Am I going to be sweating those toxins out for some poor non weird tea drinker to breathe in? Don't get me wrong I Love tea. I'm a Texas girl for ever and for always and nothing makes me happier then a huge glass of sweet tea and some dark chocolate. I love the fact that Lipton tea is a no brainer. I don't have to look at my tea collection and think hmmm.. am I tense? Should I drink white tea? Maybe I'm looking old lets go for the red tea.. No I'm definite feeling toxic.. Lets drink the green.
Anyways so Im standing at the counter reading all the labels waiting for my friend to buy tea for her husband and Im wondering how on earth does one get hooked on hot tea? Its so... hot and tastes sort of bland. This poor hip guy with a lip ring was trying very hard to sell me some, he would pull down a canister and use the lid to fan the teas aroma in my direction so the smell would grab me and make me loose my mind and buy some. All I could think was how can I tell this dude that that tea that hes trying so hard to get me to like smells an awful lot like my sons poop diaper and I certainly don't want to spend 18.00 a oz to seep it in water and drink that. Ew! I told him several times that I drink tea, only its Lipton tea.. Iced...In a box.... Premeasured... add tons of sugar and drink. No thinking involved... Realizing that tactic wasn't working I told him I prefer to spend my money on expensive coffee beans, THAT I told him is where you can taste the money you spend. I think the word coffee triggered a tea in his mind because he pulled one more canister and did his prissy waifing in my direction.. and WHOA. That tea smelled like chocolate, coffee, and tea all in one. My favorite things. I think the tea armoa drugged me becuase I bought some and its amazing!!!!! Its called Matevena and tastes like chocolate coffee tea in a cup and with a tiny bit of sugar its really guilt free and at least I can guarantee one thing I'm eating isn't toxinifying me.
Im drinking some now and thought I should share, hows that for rambling??

Tunes and Dresses

Baby Blue has turned out to be the most comical baby ever. He loves to be the center of attention and knows how to keep it. He also knows exactly what he wants and even though he doesn't talk alot right now he defiantly knows how to get his point across. For example McHottie and I bought him a Veggie Tales music cd for the car, when he would cry we found out that turning on some music calmed him down completely and so we would occasionally play it for him. Now he cries if I turn on MY music. We have listened to his cd countless times, I hear all the songs in my head all day and I can hear them play in my sleep at night... Any parents to be out there reading this, buy a cd that has at least 50 songs on it, ok? That way in one trip you cant listen to the ENTIRE cd. Or better yet.. make them listen to your songs. Im waiting for our new veggie tales to get here... unfortunately we found just a random one at walmart and to get more variety you have to order online. Oh well.
In exciting news- I found the most amazing wearable-again dress for Bekahs wedding! Im the Matron ( sounds so old....) of honor and needed to buy a dress that went with her theme we both talked about it and she wanted me to get something I could wear again! After a few very long days at several malls and with my sister-in-laws help I found a gorgeous dress at White house Black market and I love it! I am so excited for the happy couple and I cannot wait for the wedding. YAY!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why mirrors were invented

I think I am finally becoming more use to the Midwestern cold winter. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the cold but I'm use to it. When going places that I know will have a heater on full blast I only wear a hoodie on the way there. Wearing a jacket usually means lots of sweating or taking it off and carrying it when you get inside and when your carting 22 pounds of uncooperative baby, the last thing you need is something that makes you sweat and exercise even more. Relaxing in our house is even a lot of work. For example a night trying to relax usually looks a lot like this - mama lays on the floor to rest and watch a tv, baby crawls over and pulls up on mama, baby decides to walk, baby falls, mama ( and daddy) get(s) up to comfort said screaming writhing baby, mama rocks, sooths, and comforts baby all while trying to locate bump on back of dramatic baby's head, baby suddenly is fine and wants DOWN, mama lays back on the floor to resume show, baby heads for his room to play, mama hears loud banging and unidentifiable noises, mama RUNS to room to find baby sitting in the middle of his once sorted put away clothes, mama puts away clothes while baby simultaneously throws them out of dresser, baby walks to daddy bored with the clothes, baby falls and hits head. Do I need to say more? Who needs a gym when you have a very active almost one year old. McHottie and I get worn out just watching Baby Blue dash around out house like an overconfident puppy.
The winters are difficult in many ways and one reason is dry skin. Any exposed skin gets dried out including lips, for that reason we buy a lot of chap stick and I mean ALOT. And I swear every time I turn around we have none. My parents always use to say no matter how many pens they bought there was never a single one to be found. Well that's our problem with chap stick. Either Boris is taking them as revenge on his mean owners or we have a chap stick monster. I never ever can find one when I need it.
New years Eve I was standing in line buying last minute supplies for our party, while standing there I was hunting thru my purse trying to find my chap stick. none. Desperate I grabbed lip gloss, it was a double sided kind and I had always used the pale glossy side but I guess I was feeling adventurous. I rarely ever wear bright colors on my lips but hey it was new years after all, I told myself to live a little! I put on the Double Bubble pink side. No mirror- just put it on, who uses a mirror to put lip gloss on anyways? Psshh I KNOW where my lips are. I slathered that gorgeous pink color on ( really it was pretty) and then it was my turn in line. I was checking out and chatting with the lady behind me who kept looking at my lips while we talked and the more she looked at them the more they started feeling tighter and tighter. Like something was really really drying them out. I started having this desperate feeling that something just wasn't right but how on earth do you find a mirror in your purse, when you cant find any thing in there anyways, all while keeping you baby from eating your wallet, typing in your pin number in and pretending that whatever is wrong of course I intended to look like that! Instead of stopping to check I just made a beeline for my car and was getting some second looks and smirks. The wind was so strong and that drying sensation was so bad by the time I got to the car that I no longer thought something was wrong, I knew it. For sure. I got Baby Blue in the car and out of the frigid cold and looked in the mirror. Double Bubble clown. Words cannot describe just how bad it was. I was absolutely horrified. I have always had fuller lips and for that very reason I usually don't wear dark or bright lipstick and also because I prefer to know when my lips look like they should have their own zip code. This wasn't just bright it was a weird DRY. Apparently that beautiful bright pink was actually a lip stain and it must- I repeat- MUST be worn with the shiny step 2 side. It wasn't until after the fact that I noticed both sides of the lip gloss had tiny tiny print that said step 1 and step 2. Clearly I missed that part. Step 1 and step 2 isn't a suggestion it was a matter of shiny pink lips or weird haunt your dreams double bubble the clown bad.
This week its suppose to get back into the frigids and I need to go grocery shop to stock up stuff so we don't have to make any emergency formula - or chap stick- runs when there is snow and ice on everything.