Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tunes and Dresses

Baby Blue has turned out to be the most comical baby ever. He loves to be the center of attention and knows how to keep it. He also knows exactly what he wants and even though he doesn't talk alot right now he defiantly knows how to get his point across. For example McHottie and I bought him a Veggie Tales music cd for the car, when he would cry we found out that turning on some music calmed him down completely and so we would occasionally play it for him. Now he cries if I turn on MY music. We have listened to his cd countless times, I hear all the songs in my head all day and I can hear them play in my sleep at night... Any parents to be out there reading this, buy a cd that has at least 50 songs on it, ok? That way in one trip you cant listen to the ENTIRE cd. Or better yet.. make them listen to your songs. Im waiting for our new veggie tales to get here... unfortunately we found just a random one at walmart and to get more variety you have to order online. Oh well.
In exciting news- I found the most amazing wearable-again dress for Bekahs wedding! Im the Matron ( sounds so old....) of honor and needed to buy a dress that went with her theme we both talked about it and she wanted me to get something I could wear again! After a few very long days at several malls and with my sister-in-laws help I found a gorgeous dress at White house Black market and I love it! I am so excited for the happy couple and I cannot wait for the wedding. YAY!!


Heidi said... about some pictures of those dresses??