Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines!! ( late I know)

McHottie brought these home for my birthday and valentines day. Arnt they gorgeous? Normally I wouldn't post things like this but I had to share, I have never seen such perfect roses and two dozen of them!! My house smells like so good! - he brought a big box of chocolate too... lets just say those have disappeared... yes already!

On Valentines McHottie and I went furniture shopping and we finally agree don set we both loved. It was kind of difficult because there is such a big height difference between us. Everyhing that fit me perfect he looked like he was perching on it with, everything that fit him perfect I felt like it was swallowing me whole. The one we did agree on my feet still don't touch the ground but its ok because I didn't feel like that couch was eating me. I really hate that, when a couch is either really low to the ground and every ones knees are up past their chest when they sit or when the couch is so huge that it feels like your butt has disappeared in the cushions. ugh. Today Baby Blue and I went back to the furniture store to buy our couch and love seat and I got my first taste of life with a 1 year old. He normally is a very easy going baby but we were out during what would normally be his nap and he was obviously exhausted. I normally plan for him to sleep in the car or in the stroller but the older he gets the harder it is to get him to nap like that. Hes more aware of his surroundings and wants to take it all in.

I am taking a self defense class and learning how to kick butt - I love it! I have learned so much already, so far for the first week we learned what we can and cannot do. We can fight off an attacker however we want to but we are not allowed to chase them if they run and not allowed to go home and get something to beat them up with and hunt them down. So for the next 5 weeks we are putting on protective gear and learning how to punch and break a nose. Yay!

I tried to get him to pose wiht his carharts and a striped beanie but he got his stubborn face on and wanted to play with the swiffer and eat a hammer.. oh well!