Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Its cold outside!!!

The tree is down, the decorations are packed away for next year and this big Baby Blue is potty trained and passy free!!! Its hard to believe my soon to be 22 month old is already such a big boy. My next step is the toddler bed but hey, hes not climbing out of the cage yet so whats the rush?

I have been picking out more paint chips and getting things planned and ready because its time to finally finish painting the rooms in our house. I'm hoping with the winter leaving us shut in and bored that I will get some of the home improvements stuff knocked off my list. At least between colds and sicknesses. We have all been sick and still sick and it seems like our house always becomes one hotbed of sick from October to April. We hop from one sickness to the next with a few days in between of sweet relief. Sharing them with all our friends and family and passing things around just for kicks. I could list the 20 things I do to try to prevent colds and flus but why? Apparently not a single one of them work. If you have a magic cure for the cold, a sure fire way to prevent them or just a suggestion please tell me. I am getting desperate and I'm willing to try just about anything to get all three of us healthy and snot free at once. Sadly this has been my favorite find of the winter. I keep this sweet buy running full blast 24/7, in fact I need to go get one for every room in the house. Its kind of hilarious to think that at 23 I'm thrilled about successful potty training, passy addiction conquering, and cute humidifiers. I never saw this for myself this young but life is so good!

Monday, December 7, 2009


That is the score in my head for hits and misses with the potty training. At 12 in the afternoon and my son had already peed 8 times...... I really had no idea he went THAT often. We have been up since 6:30 but thats still alot isn't it? I dont see any road trips in our future. hahah!
Well it would be 6-2 if you count the time he peed OVER the pee guard all over my floor but since he plunked his cute little butt down on the toilet by himself, I'm counting it as a hit.
He has turned into a little man about it too. I will come into the living room to find him sitting there on his toilet with the walmart ad or a book, content to sit and read.
I'm not brave enough to put him in underwear for outings yet. He does still tell me and we run for the toilet but since he only has about a 30 sec warning for me and I don't personally want to carry around 4 changes of clothes we do diapers for now.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I think....

its time for me to come back~