Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

We don't have many family traditions, maybe its because we prefer to make things up as we go. This year in mops one of the table topics was holiday family traditions in your house. I had to laugh. The ONLY one I could think of was our silly New Years breakfast. It never fails this time of year one or all of us are sick so traditions take a backseat to staying sane. The Christmas tree is usually gotten sometime in December by whoever feels like leaving the house wont send them to the hospital with pneumonia. We always have big plans to get our fresh cut tree the weekend after Thanksgiving but usually end up waiting and hoping that at the very least we can just get it as a family. hahah, funny right? Other then going to the pumpkin patch sometime in October ( is that REALLY considered holidays???) I couldn't think of anything else. So one of our few traditions we have is the breakfast New Years day. We LOVE breakfasts here, the bigger the better and as long as its before 1 pm it still counts. The first year we were married I wanted crepes really bad New Years Day, I hadn't had them in forever and since I had everything I needed I just made them.
Ok- wasnt that easy. It was more like I started making them and 3 hours later we ate. It was the most infuriating thing I had ever made and I was ready to throw it all away and eat cold cereal. They were weird and thick and every time I tried to flip them (haha) they ripped in half. I'm going to admit they weren't the best but since we were starving we ate them. This is our 4th New Years together and only the 4th time I have made them. This year was the first year I discovered that you don't flip them.......
McHotties job was to watch Baby Blue so I could focus completely on the crepes. Since I just discovered it was among very few holiday traditions we have, I was determined to get those suckers made. And... it was easy this year. I found out you have to spray with cooking spray between every single one, they are delicious NOT healthy, and use a rubber scraper to just loosen them so you can flop them onto the plate. I got those babys done in a record time of 1 hour to the table. I don't have a picture of their delicious cream cheese filled goodness, I DO however have a picture of McHottie on the job.
I guess I should say that we stayed up (as in McHottie and I, Blue was crashed out by 9) till 1:30 am and our morning baby thought 7:18am was a GREAT time to start his day.
Maybe give the poor guy his coffee first hmmm?


Mrs. Nichole J. said...

Woohoo shes BACK! :-D Love the posts! I am hoping to get more posts in to this year! Joshua is getting to big to fast! :-D

When you coming downnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

rebekah perez said...

i know!
i am also back.... fyi :)