Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Excuses ....

I love reading blogs, I have a huge list of blogs that are just an broad range of subjects that I frequent (usually everyday). Mommy blogs, craft blogs, cooking blogs, you name it I probably have a blog I read about it. Things is.. I'm a fast reader. I can skim through my blogs in no time flat.

I'm not so good at posting on my own blog.

I love the idea of having a blog but it takes alot more time to post then I originally thought it would . Its not that I don't have the time, I actually do. I'm a busy mama but definitely keep our schedule on the non-hectic side. Its just that I prefer to live our life rather then talk a ton about it.
So. While I haven't been posting I have been doing some pretty darn important things.

  • teaching baby blue how to splash a rain puddle
  • taking care of my sickies.... again.
  • baking with my Baby Blue (mmmmm carbs )
  • starting my etsy store
  • shopping and making crafts for my etsy store
  • coloring all the pages in our coloring books
  • washing markers off table
  • cutting my guys hair. often.
  • laying on a blanket in the spring sun while Baby Blue makes a disaster out of my flower bed.
Really important stuff.

Heres a picture of my cute kid to make up for the fact that I don't post but every 2 months.

*note* I started this post while baby blue was sleeping, then nap time abruptly ended in screeches for water. Finally finishing and posting 5ish hours later.

*another note* Im not putting my name on my pictures because I think I'm a hotshot photographer (ahahah hilarious...) .... No. I'm terrified someone is going to steal a picture of my loved ones and repost somewhere. Not cool.