Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring, how I love you!!

I love spring! It means that the snow is gone for now and the warm sunshine begins! The first really beautiful day Baby Blue and I went outside to play and I ended up gardening all day. Im really paying for that now. I had no idea how bright white I was till I got a massive sunburn. I'm still paying for that sun now that my my entire back ITCHES from the healing.

It also means flip flops!! I love my flip flops. Bright beautiful flip flops. You know whats even better then flip flops? Embellished ones. I made some cute little zipper flowers out of hot pink and stuck them on my new flip flops. So sweet. I think all my flip flops are in for a makeover.

On Easter we were outside grilling and watching Baby blue play, we were talking about hes such a boys boy and just how freaking cute he is. Hes gonna be a force to be reckoned with when hes older, those girls wont know what to think. Now If we can just get him to stop eating crayons and thinking his farts are hilarious, we'll be in business.

Ive been making more of those little car roll ups for etsy and he thinks they are all for him. I set them out to take pictures and the next thing I know he has all his cars on them and is "driben, driben." Apparently saying driving once isn't enough because he always says it twice. The boy loves all things ... boy.

Right now he loves all earthworms and calls them "snakes" and will catch them and bring them to me. I saw this cute little blue silicone snake at the store when I was buying things for his Easter basket so I bought it thinking he would stop giving me real worms. Screams of terror, he hates it. Its been almost 4 days and he STILL wakes up from his nap and askes "snake???" and looks around to make sure it didn't magically appear in his room. If that thing can move from where Mchottie hid it and come into Baby Blues room I'll be joining him in his crib crying.

To be clear, I put him in the shorts and shirt. He decided on the shoes and hat, he has his own sense of style and I love it.

Arnt chubby little baby feet the cutest things ever?

Well I'm off to go eat easter candy for breakfast before my dentist appointment today.