Thursday, April 15, 2010

When Crafting is not advisable.

When things are bothering me I like to take it out on my house. The house itself, not the people in it. I will clean till this place is shining or garden till I'm sun burnt and can no longer lift my arms. There is something about the quiet monotony of working that gives me something to take my emotions out on while thinking about them at the same time. That is, until I'm to exhausted to think or move for that matter. Yesterday during Baby blues nap, my house was clean and plants were all put in the ground, I was looking for something more positive to put my energy toward. I decided to make this baby.

Pretty right?

The flower (learn how to make it at mrs priss blog ) is a tiny singed flower ( do you already see the horrible tradgdy that is about to occur?) made from little circles you cut and burn the edges so they curl up. I settled down with my diet dr pepper, a bunch of matches, and turned on What Not to wear. I covered myself so I wouldn't drop anything in my lap that would burn me and would have something to set the used matches on. Ya'll, matches don't burn for very long. after going through 6 on the first circle I figured out I needed something that would burn better and longer.

Enter the lighter. Those suckers get HOT. I got about 2 more petals done and then after nearly melting off my thumb I decided that wasn't working well either. I wanted a pretty headband not a trip to the ER and if you know me at all you know that a lighter and me put together would entail a trip to the ER. Clumsy is just putting it mildly.

Birthday candles. I felt like a genius. Wouldn't have to keep re-lighting and risk of ER trip greatly reduced (ha!) I grabbed a blue candle and settled down to finish my soda and my show while being the great multitasker- re: not paying full attention to anything.

I had all but one petal done and I remember looking at the candle and thinking I'm going to need to light another one pretty soon. The next thing I knew the burnt wick fell off and onto my hand. I reacted. I tossed the candle. I was sitting on the couch. that candle rolled down and under me.

Blue wax. Lit candle. New furniture.
I nearly was in tears.
Enter Google. Google is dangerous.
My friend google said use a paper bag over the wax spot with a warm iron to remove the wax. Apparently it is suppose to gradually lift the bright colored spots off my couch. Ha. Results?
Iron mark. Apparently woven microfiber couches are still microfiber and should not come in contact with warm things. Like say... an iron.
Notice how the blue is fading but yet the two singed circles are clearly visible inside the melted iron decoration.

Real tears this time and a whole lot of file cabinet digging looking for the couch warranty information. I felt about as stupid and as panicked as I could get.

Good news is I found out that expensive warranty I bought for our couches was totally worth it. It covers everything. Candle wax, melted iron marks, crazy girls who think they can craft on nice couches...

Apparently I could accidentally do just about anything to these things and they will replace. Reassuring and kind of amazing. That lady was also reassuring and kind of amazing, she said send pictures and she will make a replacement cushion on its way. Also? she was laughing at the story. By then so was I. In a hahah.... this type of thing happens to me to often to be healthy kind of way.
Maybe next time I'll just clean the toilet.

* Both the headband and flower are two different crafts I decided to combine.
headband can be found here and flower here


Mrs. Nichole J. said...

You just made my day..... rofl

ah sis you could not be more crazy!

Good thing for warrenties!


Now anything that happens has to be chalked up to "well remember the time I waxed the couch?"

why do you think I always clean so much back at home... its just part of us! :-P

Cop Mama said...

Wow, beautiful even if it took a lot of work!

Stopping back over for the party from UBP 10!