Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yard sales, need I say more?

Yard sale loot makes me so excited! I have wanted a popcorn set like this for awhile but never really went looking for them in stores and I'm glad I hadn't for the price I got this 5 pc set!
Those tins are brand new bought from a craft store, she had a huge box that the tins came in and as soon as I saw them I knew they would be so perfect for sending baked goods to friends. I have always felt odd spending time to bake a gift and then sticking it in a ziplock bag.. plastic bags just don't scream cute. I restrained myself and only bought 4. And that stool, do I really need to say anything about the stool? I'm going to have McHottie spray paint the wood a chocolate brown. I'm thinking of stapling a cushion and cover onto the seat, a cream color would look so pretty! If I do I will show before and after pictures. The mirror is going up with some pictures I already have hung for some interest.
Grand total? $8. Awesome hmm? I really did restrain myself this yard sale and talked myself out of the the vintage metal milk urn. Gorgeous but really kind of impractical for $25.

Baby Blue has a new love of shopping now and I have yard sales to thank. Particularly a yard we stopped at that he found his beloved "fahya-truck" He is more anxious to get out of the car and start browsing than I am and that is really saying something because I have yard sale anxiety.
I see a yard sale sign and I start braking and swerving to get there. All with our safety in mind of course. If I see cars pulling in ahead of me the anxious feeling gets WORSE. What really makes feel like I might be a little nuts is the yard sales that use bright color paper. Bright paper is going to be a fantastic sale because that paper is neon green. People who really do yard sales do neon colors, white paper just doesn't do the trick. Subdivision sales? Knowing there is a plethora of goodies out there and there is NO way I can hit all the good sales at once, or go to them all? Aghhhhhh!


Mrs. Nichole J. said...

Rofl I just saw your note on my post so I came to check yours out. I'm relying on my iPhone for "computer" stuff. Hubs is in process of fixing ours. Yah.

Yard salesss love those tins!

I should send you a pic of my melmac I'm in heaven cause it matches my pyrex so pretty!!! Hehehe.