Saturday, May 1, 2010

Out with the not good in with the.. good?

So per doctors orders I am suppose to severely cut down on the amount of caffeine I drink. Our family is on the road to becoming more aware of making healthy food choices. Coffee and tea has always been our friend and since its organic your really cant go wrong with it right?


Apparently the fibery lumps I have are not caused by caffeine but symptoms are exaggerated by excessive caffeine. Yay me right?

So as my doctor put it I have to come off of high octane and settle for regular.

That means no more of these

and more of these.

During my daily slump I have been making a healthy drink for myself that is suppose give me a natural pick me up. Contains- fresh strawberrys, blackberries, spinach( yes I said fresh spinach. be jealous. ) and almond milk.
I put it in one of my pretty cups so I felt better about drinking it.

Ok thats a lie. There were no clean cups and I didn't really want to drink it out of a spiderman sippie cup. McHottie takes our large cups with him full or tea or coffee *no fair* with him to work and forgets to bring them in until I have an entire dishwasher tray full of them. Baby blue has broken so many glasses helping me in the kitchen that our cups population has dwindled down to minimum.

Since I no longer can drink large amounts of tea to get things done I am not getting things done as fast as I would like. A post to come about what we have been up to. Soon.