Thursday, February 3, 2011

Part 3 - Who cares if its winter, crank that A/C DOWN.

Who knew that sometimes anesthesia wearing off can lead to sweat. I didn't. See, usually I don't really sweat, I am blessed that way I guess. I turn red when I'm hot and its not the cute flushed, pink look that some gals get. No its flaming cherry red. So this was unusual for me. And the gallons of it that I was producing that didn't stop after 3 days made me wonder if they installed sweat glands while they were in there. I had McHottie turn the a/c down and my room was at a very comfortable 55 degrees in December and still I was pouring. Every time a nurse would come help me roll over they would offer to turn the heat on or cover me in blankets. Heck no. I'll take an ice bath though.

I think nurses are left with the hard work. Doctors get to do the fun surgery part while you are incapable of complaining or hitting. Then turn you over to the nurses who get the joy of walking into your room 12 hours after surgery and tell you its time to get up and walk around.

Excuse me, say what?? They just spent 4 hours rearranging my spine, moving my ribs around and dissecting muscles. I'm having to do breathing exercises every 30 minutes so I will stop taking tiny little breaths because it HURTS TO BREATH. And you want me to get out of this bed. Please come very close to my bed so I can slap you.

I did learn with my prior surgeries that pushing through the pain really is best. It hurts like a mother but getting it over with and walking really does help you heal faster. It fights everything you are feeling at that moment but if you push past those screaming muscles next time it will only be a dull roar. Crazy nurses do know what they are talking about.

I wake up from surgeries and usually while I am at my most drugged state think, hey that wasn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating, I can do this. Then after a day my body has realized what has happened to it and the pain sets in and I feel trapped in that pain and have to talk myself away from jumping off a cliff in panic to just make it stop hurting. Healing can be a bitch, there is no way to go back and undo all the cuts and stitches, you can only go one way and when there seems to be no end in sight its hard not to really freak out. It always feels like it gets dark before it gets better with surgery. You have to get to a point of claustrophobic panic and just get over it to set your mind to getting better and move on.

It helps to be surrounded by really amazing people. Visitors, texts, prayers, calls, they all make a big difference. I'm very thankful for the support group that I had, I couldnt have done this without them. I do want to bring plate of cookies to the recovery floor and visit my nurses. I want to see if they are as cool as I remember or if I just liked them because they rolled me every 10 min. Also I might need to send a fruit basket to the on call doctor that I woke up at 3 am crying because I was in agony. Turns out he was right it was just really tight sore muscles and not a popped screw. whoops. Sorry very nice Doctor.